The Bitcoin Design Foundation Launches Supporting Design In Bitcoin Ecosystem

In a move towards advancing the role of design in the Bitcoin ecosystem, the Bitcoin Design Foundation emerges with the backing of founding supporters Spiral and BitBox, as well as contributions from individuals who share the belief that effective design is a catalyst for broader Bitcoin adoption.

Since its inception in 2020, the Bitcoin Design Community has fostered a collaborative environment where individual designers and researchers, supported by grants, have worked towards bettering the ecosystem. This collective effort has yielded essential resources such as the Bitcoin Design Guide, the Bitcoin Wallet UI Kit, reference designs, and impactful initiatives like the unified QR code and taproot campaigns. The community has participated in hundreds of calls, Designathons, and collaborations with open source projects to enhance their design elements, all made possible by a few pivotal grants that kickstarted this initiative.

With the establishment of the Bitcoin Design Foundation, the goal is to sustain and amplify these efforts. Core contributors and organizers of the Bitcoin Design Community’s projects and activities, Christoph Ono, Mogashni Naidoo, and Daniel Nordh, lead the foundation. Officially registered with Open Collective Europe, a reputable nonprofit platform, the foundation ensures financial transparency and efficiency, allowing more time and resources to be dedicated to advancing Bitcoin design rather than administrative tasks.

The foundation’s primary focus is to support motivated individuals with grants that empower them to contribute to open source Bitcoin design, user research, and related areas. Additionally, the foundation will extend its support to community projects by covering ongoing or one-off costs, including domain fees, events, and educational materials.

For those passionate about contributing to this cause, the foundation encourages donations through its dedicated donation page. Grant applications and inquiries are welcomed in their Discord channel to join a collaborative environment where the Bitcoin community can collectively shape the future of Bitcoin design.

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