Learn Bitcoin, Earn Bitcoin: Announcing Unchained as Title Sponsor for 21 Days of Bitcoin Educational Course

Bitcoin Magazine is pleased to announce Unchained, the leading Bitcoin financial services provider, as the Title Sponsor for “21 Days of Bitcoin”. 21 Days is Bitcoin Magazine’s email-based course teaching participants the Bitcoin basics while rewarding them with bitcoin along the way. 21 Days has educated over 120,000 course participants since its inception in 2020, and through partnership with Unchained, will continue driving forward Bitcoin education for both individuals learning about Bitcoin for the first time as well as those wanting to refresh their Bitcoin knowledge.

Click the above image to visit https://b.tc/21days and earn 2,100 sats upon completion of the course.

Examples of content in the “21 Days of Bitcoin” course range from understanding the principles of sound money to unpacking how a Bitcoin wallet functions and the basics of bitcoin mining. Throughout the course, participants gain a greater understanding of the fundamental ideas that enable the Bitcoin protocol, as well as the underpinnings of the social layer that explicate Bitcoin as a superior form of money. Upon completion of the course, users can claim and withdraw 2,100 sats (sats are the smallest unit of bitcoin) via the Bitcoin Magazine app.

Unchained’s Title Sponsorship comes on the heels of the recently announced partnership between Bitcoin Magazine and Unchained, with Unchained serving as a our Official Collaborative Custody Partner. This represents a larger initiative to help investors upgrade their Bitcoin security by utilizing Unchained’s collaborative custody services. Through collaborative custody and Bitcoin’s native multisig capabilities, investors can take custody of their bitcoin while delegating 1 of the 3 keys to Unchained. Collaborative custody enables redundancy against loss and theft while keeping users in full control of their Bitcoin.

Learn more about Bitcoin Magazine and Unchained’s Collaborative Custody Partnership: https://unchained.bitcoinmagazine.com/

Click the above image to visit unchained.bitcoinmagazine.com to learn about Bitcoin Magazine and Unchained’s Collaborative Custody Partnership and get exclusive deals on Unchained services.

Enhancing our readers’ understanding of Bitcoin, and the security that it can provide, are core pillars of Bitcoin Magazine’s mission as the first Bitcoin media organization. Working with Unchained, a prolific educator and provider of best-in-class Bitcoin security, is a perfect fit to help amplify and improve “21 Days of Bitcoin” as part of our goal to deliver Bitcoin education to the next wave of Bitcoin adopters.

Visit https://b.tc/21days to begin your “21 Days of Bitcoin” journey, powered by Unchained.

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