Brave Wallet Integrates Bitcoin Support For Its 60 Million Users

Brave, a privacy-focused web browser with over 60 million users, has rolled out an update to its desktop version (1.63) that introduces support for Native SegWit Bitcoin wallets within its built-in Brave Wallet. Additionally, Brave Wallet now enables users to send and receive from all types of Bitcoin addresses, including Legacy, Nested SegWit, Native SegWit, and Taproot, ensuring compatibility with third-party wallets.

#Bitcoin is now available in Brave Wallet on desktop!

Just make sure you’re on the latest version of Brave (v1.63) and you’ll see the option in the “Accounts” section of Brave Wallet.

Details are in today’s blog post 👉

— Brave Software (@brave) February 27, 2024

The move comes amidst the backdrop of growing institutional adoption of Bitcoin, particularly following the recent approval of several Bitcoin ETFs in the United States. Bitcoin, which continues to assert itself as a resilient asset class, is expanding its use cases beyond peer-to-peer payments to encompass store-of-value functions and serve as a foundation for innovation in areas like NFTs and DeFi, Brave stated in the announcement.

“Our aim with Brave Wallet is to offer the most secure and privacy-considerate software wallet for everyday use,” said James Mudgett, VP Web3 Products at Brave. “As the Bitcoin ecosystem expands with new apps and services, Brave Wallet will be there to put security and privacy first, to help keep users’ assets safe.”

Looking ahead, Brave says it has plans to introduce more features to enhance privacy within Brave Wallet. Moreover, the company intends to enable users to store BRC-20 tokens and Ordinals within Brave Wallet, with these features expected to be available across all desktop and mobile versions of the browser later this year.

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