Bitcoin Rewards Platform Lolli Concludes $8 Million Series B Funding Round

Lolli, a leading bitcoin and cashback rewards platform, has announced the successful closure of an $8 million Series B funding round today, according to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine. The investment was led by BITKRAFT Ventures, alongside notable contributions from Sfermion, Ulta Beauty’s Prisma Ventures, Hypersphere Ventures, Rahul Pagidipati, 2 Punks Capital, MZ … Read more

Self Custody: The Future Of Defense

Imagine a hypothetical world where there is no established medium of exchange. In this imaginary world, people are simply bartering. However, someone approaches you and tells you, “Hey, you know tomorrow we all move to using gold as money, right? You should acquire as much as you can now before tomorrow comes.” Assuming you trust … Read more

The Bitcoin Design Foundation Launches Supporting Design In Bitcoin Ecosystem

In a move towards advancing the role of design in the Bitcoin ecosystem, the Bitcoin Design Foundation emerges with the backing of founding supporters Spiral and BitBox, as well as contributions from individuals who share the belief that effective design is a catalyst for broader Bitcoin adoption. Since its inception in 2020, the Bitcoin Design … Read more

Metagood Secures $5 Million to Propel Osura Marketplace for Bitcoin Art

Metagood, a blockchain technology and digital assets company, announced the successful completion of a $5 million series seed funding round aimed at advancing its Osura marketplace, focused on art within the Bitcoin ecosystem, according to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine. “Osura is embarking on a groundbreaking collaboration with artists to immortalize their creations … Read more

River Link Launches, Allowing Users To Send Bitcoin By Text

Today, Bitcoin exchange River has unveiled its latest product, River Link, aiming to transform the way Bitcoin is sent and received on a global scale. River Link facilitates the seamless transfer of Bitcoin through text messages, offering users a straightforward and user-friendly experience that eliminates the complexities often associated with Bitcoin transactions. Traditionally, sending Bitcoin … Read more